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At TALENT –IBA are blessed with the very best transportation facility for all needful students and faculties who hail from far and near.

The Hostel


One of the key contributors to an effective and intensive learning experience is living on campus. TALENT-IBA is equipped with excellent residential facilities that strengthen the feeling of belonging and provide students the necessary impetus to a more cohesive learning environment. Besides easy access to library and computer facilities, the recently upgraded hostel facilities include amenities like television, water filters etc..

Amphitheatre and Executive Training Centre

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Learning is extended beyond the classroom to an amphitheatre set amongst the scenic surroundings. The open-air amphitheatre provides the perfect ambience for open classroom sessions, interactions, academic and cultural events.

The Library

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The Library with its repertoire of Architecture literature is the focal point of the institution. The wide range of books in the library opens the doors of vast knowledge to the hunting student.

The Class Rooms

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At TALENT IBA all classrooms are equipped with computer and audiovisual equipment, allowing the faculty to teach using a wide variety of media and smart classrooms.

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